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Exhibition poster
Exhibition poster
Dr. Helge Steenweg at the opening of the exhibition
Dr. Helge Steenweg at the opening of the exhibition

Exhibition "AT A SECOND GLANCE" - forays through the collections of the University of Stuttgart

08.04.-28.05.2022 - Foyer University Library Stadtmitte

The exhibition aims to sharpen the eye for the great diversity and the surprising richness of facets of the Stuttgart University Collections and invites you to a foray through the holdings and their treasures.

The Institute of Architectural History (Faculty 1) and the Institute of History - Chair of Natural Sciences and Technology (Faculty 9) conducted an interdisciplinary teaching project in the winter semester of 2021/22 in which students from five courses of study from three faculties participated. Under the direction of Beate Ceranski, Else Schlegel and Maria Niklaus, they embarked on a journey of discovery through the collections of their university. Together they developed an exhibition and presented the objects in a custom-made exhibition architecture conceived and realized by five students as an architectural design.

The exhibition features objects from 19 collections, most of which have never been seen in public before. They are deliberately not organized by individual collections, but are grouped into five thematic chapters that outline important contexts of collecting at the University of Stuttgart. They illuminate the processes that shaped the creation of the collection holdings, introduce important people, explain how the objects are used, show their diverse networking within and outside the university, and open the view to the perspectives inherent in the collections.

The exhibition is accompanied by a program of lectures in which both individual collections are presented (Meet the expert) and the potential of university collections is illuminated. A guided tour of the exhibition is aimed specifically at children aged 8-12.

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