Data Sources

Quantitative evaluation of scientific publications using statistical methods

Licensed Publication Database

Web of Science

The origin of this publication database lies with Eugene Garfield. In 1963, he developed the Science Citation Index and thus formed the data basis for citation-based evaluations and assessments. Today, Web of Science provides access to more than 15,000 interdisciplinary international scientific journals. Temporal coverage for the citation indexes go back to 1900 at the most (depending on the license). In order to determine the scientific impact of an article and further bibliometric data, entries of the article are analyzed and evaluated according to information in footnotes, annotations, and bibliographies.

Web of Science offers a compiled list of their current selection of journals as Master Journal List.

The University of Stuttgart Library has licensed the publication database Web of Science and offers regular training courses. Course on Web of Science (DE)

License-free Publication Databases

University Bibliography

The University Bibliography offers an overview that is as complete as possible of the publications that have been or are being published at the University of Stuttgart. Starting with the year 2015, it shows all publications of all scientific members (according to sec. 9 of the LGH (DE)) which have been written or published, made public or permanently accessible during and, if applicable, after their affiliation with the University. The University Bibliography is maintained via the publication management tool PUMA. Members of the University of Stuttgart can report their publications independently via the PUMA platform. The University Bibliography processes the records and publishes the processed publication metadata in PUMA.


Originally only intended for use in the field of high-energy physics, arXiv became the most widely used platform for eprints. Likewise, arXiv was one of the first publiction databases after the Science Citation Index that included citations.
This database is freely accessible online: arXiv


CiteSeerX is a publication database for scientific information on the internet concerning the fields of computer and information science. The publication database was developed at the „NEC Research Institute“ and is now operated by Pennsylvania State University. It contains more than 720,000 documents some of which can be downloaded as free PDF documents.
This database is freely accessible online: CiteSeerX

Google Scholar

In 2004, Google launched the beta version of a new search service specifically meant for scientific research. Google Scholar searches numerous scientific servers. The focus is on specialist journals, full texts of paid documents from commercial providers, of which the user can only see an abstract without access authorization, are also indexed. In 2011, Google has added the „Google Scholar Citations“ service. Using it, scientists can create a personal profile. In addition, the widely used h-index and the i10-index are calculated.

Google Scholar is freely accessible online: Google Scholar


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