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Project Description

The project DIPL-ING aims to develop concepts and solutions for research data management in engineering, especially to manage big data sizes and support their findability, replicability and reusability.

Researchers of the university of Stuttgart shall be supported to structure, share and archive their research data. The addressed questions entail guidelines to decide which part of the data has to be saved to replicate research results and what meta data is necessary to make the data identifiable, understandable and findable.

A virtual competence center will summarize the findings of the project and offer information and training courses about research data management in engineering. 

 The project is funded by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung under the grant number 16FDM008.


Project Parts and Results

Requirement analysis

In the requirement analysis we examine the actual data life cycle in the institutes, with sizes, formats and kinds of data, used soft- and hardware and check the scientific workflows for starting points for research data management.


Iglezakis, D. & Schembera, B. (2018). Anforderungen der Ingenieurwissenschaften an das Forschungsdatenmanagement der Universität Stuttgart - Ergebnisse der Bedarfsanalyse des Projektes DIPL-ING. o-bib. Das offene Bibliotheksjournal, 3. doi: 10.5282/o-bib/2018H3S46-60 

Metadata and Metadata Management

On the basis of the in the requirement analysis identified workflows we develop an application profile to describe the produced and used data and codes. For this, we identify the required properties, check the availability of existing meta data stadards and interfaces to existing services. The resulting meta data model shall offer search criteria to find the data and be able to document and explain the research data and its generation. The interoperability with existing services and interfaces has to be ensured. Automatization of metadata generation and integration in the scientific workflow shall minimize the manual effort of the researchers. 


EngMeta - a Metadata Model for Computational Engineering

Schembera, B. & Iglezakis, D. (2019). The Genesis of EngMeta - A Metadata Model for Research Data in Computational Engineering. In E. Garoufallou, F. Sartori, R. Siatri & M. Zervas (eds.), Metadata and Semantic Research (p./pp. 127-132), Cham: Springer International Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-030-14401-2     Slides of the Talk.


We seek collaboration with other research data projects, potential users and technical partners. What we aim is a broad basis of potential users to validate our models and concepts within and outside of the university of Stuttgart.


Collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO (HEFE project) on research data processes and quality measures of data.

Collaboration with TU9 research data managers

Pilot Users: SFB 1313, SFB Transregio 75, Project Gyrolog

Competence Center

The results of the project will be integrated in the central information platform forschungsdaten.info. We will coordinate a subject specific area for engineering. 

In addition we will develop and evaluate trainings in research data management


Collaboration with TU9-universities on training materials for research data management with a focus on engineering.

R. Müller-Pfefferkorn, C. Damrau, D. Iglezakis, M. Kuberek, C. Kramer, G. Langhanke, J. Polowinsky, J. Neumann, J. Rücknagel, R. Strötgen, U. Trautwein-Bruns. Community-Based Development of Research Data Management Training Material on the Example of Engineering Sciences. Talk on CODATA RDM Symposium 2018.



The evaluation will test and validate the applicability of the developed concepts and models.


Hermann, S., Iglezakis, D. & Seeland, A. (2019). Requirements for Finding Research Data and Software. PAMM, . doi: 10.1002/pamm.201900480 

Project Partners

UB - University Library Stuttgart

The university library is the central institution of the university of Stuttgart to offer literature and other information media. As a service provider for the other parts of the university it is engaged espacially in digitalisation, management of publications and Open Access.

Project partner: Dr. Helge Steenweg

HLRS - High Performance Computing Center

The high performance computing center Stuttgart (HLRS) is a central institution of the university of Stuttgart and the first federal high performace computing center of germany. It offers and supports high performance computing for universities, research institutions and companies. eine zentrale Einrichtung der Universität Stuttgart und das erste Bundeshöchstleistungsrechenzentrum Deutschlands.

IAG - Institut für Aerodynamik und Gasdynamik

The institute for aerodynamics and gasdynamics (IAG) of the university of Stuttgart conducts research in the fields of gas dynamics, aerodynamics of buildings, aeroacustics, laminar turbulence transition, aerodynamics of helicopters, aeroplanes and wind energy systems in national and international research projects. The results contribute to make aircraft and wind energy systems more effective and quiet. In numerical simulations big sizes of data are produced permanentely.

Project partner: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rist

ITT - Institut für Technische Thermodynamik und Thermische Verfahrenstechnik

The institute for technical thermo dynamics and thermal process engineering (ITT) represents the fields of thermo dynamics and thermal process engineering in research and education. Methods are molecular thermodynamics, molecular simulation, simultaneous process and solvent design and measurements of thermodynamic properties. In addition, there are laboratories available with equipment to measure material properties.

Project partner: Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels Hansen

TIK - Technical Information and Communication Services

The TIK supports, operates and manages the digital information processing of the university, consults institutions and institutes in soft- and hardware and organizes the media services of the university.

Project partner: Jörn Beutner

Project term

01.04.2017 - 30.06.2019


Dorothea Iglezakis (UB, project manager, project staff) 0711 685-83648 

Björn Schembera (HLRS, project staff) 0711 685-87204

Anett Seeland (TIK, project staff) 0711 685-60870