ORCID Account

First registration and important information that should be stored in the ORCID account.

Create an ORCID Account


Registration is possible via the ORCID website.


Here it is important that you enter your university email address as „Primary email“. Additional email addresses can be entered in the “Additional email” fields. ORCID will send you a confirmation email so that the assignment can only be done by the authorized email account holder.

Affiliation with the University of Stuttgart

For the assignment to the University of Stuttgart, it is important that you enter data about the affiliation with the University of Stuttgart under “Employment” via “Add Employment”.

Select „Universität Stuttgart“ during entry in the free text field „Institution/Employer“ and accept this suggestion.


You can log in to the ORCID website using your ac-account.

Trusted parties

You can specify cooperation partners, so-called „Trusted Parties“, and thus have information such as publication notifications automatically added to your profile.

For example, if you make CrossRef and DataCite „Trusted Parties”, your publications that have a DOI will automatically be loaded into your profile.

For all settings of your ORCID profile applies:
  • Only you determine which rights you grant and whom you make a „Trusted Party“.
  • You can revoke rights once granted at any time.


The data is simply imported into the profile without a check whether they already exist. If you have integrated several systems, this may result in publications possibly being entered in the profiles several times. 


This image shows Sibylle Hermann

Sibylle Hermann


Publication Services (Head of Department), Academic Liaison Librarian,
Coordinator Research Data,
Third-party Funded Projects (Project Manager), Open Science

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