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The University of Stuttgart Library is part of the Information and Communication Center of the University of Stuttgart (IZUS). With its two main locations and its 116 institute and faculty libraries, the University Library forms the library system of the University of Stuttgart.

Thus, the University Library ensures the best possible supply of literature and information for research, teaching and studies. Its declared goal is to help shape the transformation of an increasingly globalized and digitized information landscape for the benefit of its university and non-university users.

The University Library, the library system of the University of Stuttgart

  • procures, indexes, and enables access to electronic and printed items and specialized information
  • provides a reliable access system to the catalog and circulation
  • indexes newly acquired items with regard to content according to uniform principles
  • provides substantial database and subject information services
  • promotes information literacy among users
  • conducts national and international project dealing with library information topics and innovations, such as research data management, open access, etc.
  • takes on tasks in the practical training of librarians and bookbinders
  • takes on tasks in the University Archives department in accordance with the State Archives Act Baden-Württemberg
Holdings of physical items 1.652.502
E-books 121.166
Printed journals 1.002
Electronic journals 30.382
Workspaces 1.307
Library visits 336.574
Borrowing users 21.649
Acquisition budget € 3.458.462
Opening days per year 248
Participants in training courses 1.072
Training courses (in h): 132

(All figures refer to the year 2020)

Regular opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – midnight, Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – midnight

Since its foundation in 1829, the University Library has been headquartered in the center of Stuttgart. The expansion of the University (until 1967: Technical University) since 1957 on the second campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen also led to the establishment of a second University Library location. By now, most of the natural sciences and engineering institutes are located in Vaihingen. Architecture and the humanities as well as the economics and social sciences kept their locations in the city center. The foci of the holdings at both library locations are oriented according to this distribution of subjects.

With the support of the Max Kade Foundation, the Library of the Technical University (since 1967: University Library) received its own building modeled on American examples.

Opening of the Vaihingen location in a part of the Natural Science Center (NWZ II) built from 1968 – 1974.

Introduction of the electronic online catalog (OPAC)

Development and introduction of the publication server OPUS (Online Publications of the University of Stuttgart)

Introduction of the University’s internal electronic document delivery service (LEA)

Opening of the open stacks at the City Center location: While the University of Stuttgart Library is designed as a traditional stacks library, it offers more than 30 percent of its holdings freely accessible.

Opening of the Information Center in the former catalog hall at the City Center location. It offers a PC pool, an integrated circulation desk with information areas and a shelf area for picking up requested items.

Since 2007
Conducting of and participation in national and international third-party funded projects on the topics repository software (OPUS), open acess (OA policies, OA statistics), and research data management (BW-eLabs, LiLa)

Merger of University Library, Computing Center, High-Performance Computing Center, and IT department of the central administration into the Information and Communication Center of the University of Stuttgart (IZUS)

Introduction of an integrated library system for acquisition, cataloging and circulation (aDIS/BMS) together with 51 libraries in Baden-Württemberg

Introduction of RFID technology for self-checkout and self-return

Reconstruction of the Mathematics/Physics Library at the Vaihingen location
160 workspaces for individuals and groups, supplied with movable walls, monitors, and whiteboards

Start of the digitization of older holdings with the software Goobi and online presentation in the „Digital Collections“ of the University Library
Introduction of the Academic Publication Management PUMA

Introduction of the University Bibliography

Opening of the Learning Centers at both the Campus City Center and Vaihingen, with modern workspace for groups and individuals, as well as presentation rooms

Service for the Publication Management (institute publication lists) in the context of the university web relaunch

Expansion of the building opening hours by two hours from Monday to Saturday until midnight, as well as opening of the library on Sundays: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – midnight, Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – midnight

Participation in the Competence Center for Research Data Management (FoKUS) of the University of Stuttgart



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