Here we give you hints on how to find and use e-books that we have licensed for you or that are freely available.

E-books - Finding and Using E-books, Usage Rights

All e-books are listed in the catalog of the University Library and the decentralized libraries.

You can find there:

  • purchased and licensed e-books
  • publications of members of the University of Stuttgart which are published or made available on the publication server OPUS
  • e-books within the scope of the national licenses
  • selected license-free resources, i.e. publicly accessible and free of charge for everyone.

The URL you find under "Holdings Info" will take you to the full text of the e-book. If you continue researching on the provider's pages, please keep in mind that you will then also be directed to offers that have not been purchased or published by the University Library.

The University of Stuttgart Library purchases e-books as online resources with a campus license. The IP address of the computer is critical for access to the full texts. If the IP address belongs to the campus of the University of Stuttgart, the provider allows access. A login is not required.

For Members of the University of Stuttgart

  • at all computers within the University
  • from outside by dialing into the University network via VPN
  • and/or from outside using your University account.

For Private Individuals and Students of Other Universities and Colleges

  • at the library computers in the rooms of the University Library. The possession of a library card of the University of Stuttgart Library is required. In order to log in, you will need the user code and password of the library account.

Members of the University of Stuttgart can also access e-books from their own computer.

  • Campus computer: If you use a computer at the institute or one of the computers provided by the TIK in one of the PC pools, you do not have to consider anything. The IP address is unambiguous, access to the e-book is granted immediately.
  • Private computer / VPN: If you use your private computer, you can only access e-books if you have previously installed a VPN client on that computer. The software is provided by the TIK: VPN. For further help with the installation or in case of problems contact the TIK (Technical Information and Communication Services) helpdesk. After installing and starting the VPN client the computer will be assigned to the University of Stuttgart campus and access to the e-books is granted.
  • Private computer / Institutional login (Shibboleth): Some providers allow parallel access via IP address and an institutional login. The e-book provider redirects the login to the selected institution, and the user can log in there using the access data of their home institution – in Stuttgart this is Shibboleth with the login data to the University Library account – and is then granted access to the full texts. For employees of the University of Stuttgart with an ac-account this means they can only use the Shibboleth login after using the SIAM user ID at the SIAM self-service to register for all services of the University Library by acknowledging the University Library's Terms of Use under the tab "Universitätsbibliothek", ticking off the box and saving.
    University employees without an ac-account can use the Shibboleth login only after previously having registered with the University Library and proven their status as employees.

The campus licenses for purchased e-books entitle students, institute members, and users registered with the University Library to access the full text online at any time. It is not permitted in general, however, to download books in their entirety, even if it is technically possible. As with printed books, the authors’ copyright and the publishers’ exploitation rights have to be observed when using the online resources.

You may save and print individual pages or chapters for personal use as well as for research purposes. E-books must not be passed on to third parties electronically or in printed form.

University Library E-book Collection – Alphabetical Overview

You can find an alphabetical overview of our e-book packages under the heading “Sammlungen” via DBIS:

University Library E-book Packages (DBIS) (DE)

University Library E-book Collection by Subject Area

You can find the most important e-book packages sorted by subject at:

E-book Packages by Subject


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