Buchscanner und Kopiergeräte in der Universitätsbiliohtek Stadtmitte

Scan & Copy

Where can you scan and copy in the library buildings?

Book Scanners

Here you can make color scans from books and journals up to DIN A2 and directly transfer them to flash drives. This service is free of charge.
Instructions can be found next to the scanners.

If required, you can also purchase flash drives at the circulation desks at the cost price of €5.50 per drive.

In the Reading Room City Center:

1 scanner in the reading room on the 1st floor (on the left next to the first stairway)
2 scanners in the copy room in the reading room, 1st floor 

In the Reading Room Vaihingen:

Level 2 (to the right of the stairway)
Level 3 (to the right of the stairway)
Level 3 (Mathematics/Physics Library)
Level 4 (to the right of the stairway)

Copy Machines

Copy Machines in the University Library

Using copy cards, you can make copies, prints, or scans here.

  • City Center: 1st floor: in the copy room in the reading room and in the University Library PC pool in front of the circulation desk
  • Vaihingen: in the copy room of the Mathematics/Physics Library on Level 3

Copy Cards

  • Students of the University of Stuttgart and the universities that are within the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart’s area of responsibility can also use the credit of their ECUS for copies, prints, and scans at the copy machines of the Konica-Minolta company.
  • cards for employees of the University of Stuttgart that are used for payment in the canteens of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart can also be used as copy cards.
  • External users receive a guest copy card at the respective Info Point in the canteen City Center or Vaihingen against a deposit of €10. (Opening hours: Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.)

Top-up Stations for the Copy Cards

  • City Center: next to the TIK Helpdesk in the University Library PC Pool on the 1st floor
  • Vaihingen: next to the information desk on the ground floor

Copy Prices

  • DIN A4, B/W = 4 Cent
  • DIN A3, B/W = 8 Cent
  • DIN A4, color = 7 Cent
  • DIN A3, color = 14 Cent
  • Scan to flash drive, color = 0 Cent

Ask a Librarian


Information Desk City Center

Holzgartenstraße 16, 70174 Stuttgart


Information Desk Vaihingen

Pfaffenwaldring 55, 70569 Stuttgart

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