University of Stuttgart Collections Network

Tasks and goals – Projects and cooperations

Goals of the Network

The „University of Stuttgart Collections Network“ is an association of contact persons for collections at institutes and central facilities.

The goal of the network is to have a platform for the common exchange about challenges of collection curation as well as for the realization of joint interdisciplinary projects.

Founded in 2020 by the University Library and the Institute of History, Section for History of Science and Technology, the network meets once a semester.

Other interested parties are welcome to join at any time. Contact us!

PD Dr. Beate Ceranski, Institute of History, Department of History of Science and Technology

Dr. Christiane Rambach, University Library, Digitization and Conservation

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. FH) Katja Stefanie Engstler, Department of Mathematics, Institute of Geometry and Topology

  • Publication: Schaustücke - Einblicke in wissenschaftliche Sammlungen der Universität Stuttgart (Showpieces – Insights into Scientific Collections of the University of Stuttgart [DE]
  • Project seminar WS 2021/22: Rest von gestern, Schatz von morgen: Die Sammlungen der Universität ausstellen (Yesterday’s Leftovers, Tomorrow’s Treasure: Exhibiting the Collections of the University, Institute of History, Section for History of Science and Technology / Institute of Architectural History):

    A mathematical model made of delicate threads and centuries-old works of art on paper, pieces of a Starfighter’s navigation system and cabinets full of exotic plants, a calculating machine the size of a freezer and architectural models rich in detail: The facilities and institutes of the University of Stuttgart harbor a multitude of collections that have been and are being assembled and used for purposes of research and teaching. They are a central part of the University’s material and non-material heritage, even if they are sometimes little known. In early summer of 2022, these multifaceted treasures will be presented to the public in an exhibition – presumably in the rooms of the University Library - in an exemplary selection. 

  • BMBF-Project Gyrolog – Building a digital gyroscope collection for historical and didactic research (2017-2020, Chair of Flight Measuring Technology, Institute for Parallel and Distributed Systems, Institute of History, Section for History of Science and Technology): supported by the University Library
  • Virtual Exhibition 2021 (DE): Bucharchitekturen. Ein virtueller Blick in die historischen Bestände des Instituts für Architekturgeschichte (Book Architectures. A virtual look into the historical holdings of the Institute of Architectural History)

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University of Stuttgart Collections Network

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  • Contact: Dr. Beate Ceranski, Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Katja Stefanie Engstler, Dr. Christiane Rambach
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