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Have you got a request for a book or e-book that you don't find in the catalog? Are you missing an important textbook in the University Library or is it not available in sufficient quantity? In this case please let us know.

You will receive feedback from us as to whether the request can be fulfilled.

Would you like to use the item directly after we have received and processed it? As the“initiator” of the purchase we will put it on hold for you first. As soon as the item is available for collection, we will notify you (either via email, if an email address is entered in your library account, or via letter for which the postage will be charged to your account)

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Privacy statement

Information on data protection:

The data marked with an asterisk (*) is required for the sole purpose of processing your purchase request or to contact you for further inquiries in case something remains unclear.
The data transfer between your browser and the server of the University of Stuttgart is done via an HTTP connection with SSL. Please note that an unencrypted email will be generated from your data and sent within the University to the Acquisition & Cataloging of the University of Stuttgart Library.
Alternatively, you may also send us your purchase request with the necessary data in writing via (internal) mail (University Library, Purchase Request, P.O. Box 10 49 41, 70043 Stuttgart) or hand it in at the circulation desks.

Please address any claims for information and correction under Art. 21, par. 1 in writing to the Data Protection Officer of the University of Stuttgart.


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