Digitization of Books on Request

Works in the public domain for digital teaching and research

We Digitize Books on Request Here!

Would you like to use older items from the University Library or your institute library digitally for research or teaching? With our service of digitizing books on request we make your work easier.

Upon request we scan items of your choice and make them available on our platform for „Digital Collections“. All items are given a persistent address (PURL) and are thus clearly citable. Via OCR the digitized items are also searchable in full text.

In our digital collections, all books on request are available for further use by anyone in the sense of Open Access.

The book on request service is possible for works:

  • that were published before 1900 or whose authors have been deceased longer than 70 years.
  • whose condition allows digitization.

The digitization of books on request is a free service offered by the University Library.

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