Reference Management with Citavi

The University Library supports you in scientific writing and reference management with the reference management system Citavi.

Citavi Web will be switched off on 30.04.2023

 The licensing negotiations with the provider have not been unsuccessful. The current access for Citavi Web will therefore be deactivated on 30.04.2023. 

Citavi Windows - use still guaranteed

Your Citavi looks like this? Then you don't have to do anything.

Citavi Web - access will be deactivated on 30.04.2023.

Your Citavi looks like this?

Here's what to do:

For Windows users:

  • Please switch to Citavi Windows
  • Install Citavi (current version: Citavi 6.15)
  • Continue working with your cloud projects as usual

For non-Windows users:

  • Please use a different reference management tool from now on
  • Export all bibliographic data in RIS format from Citavi and download all PDF files if necessary
  • Import the data into the other tool (we recommend the open source software Zotero).

Our recommendation for all users: If possible, save your projects locally: log in to Citavi on a Windows computer. Open the project and select "This project" from the "File" menu. Now you can save or archive your project locally.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the reference management team at the University Library in Stuttgart.

Reference Management with Citavi

The University of Stuttgart has acquired a campus license for the reference management system Citavi. This software for reference management and knowledge organization runs on Windows systems.

Citavi 6 is the current version.

1.  Download und Installation
First download the free version Citavi Free and install it on your computer.

2. Account Citavi 
In order to use the campus licensed full version, create a Citavi account (choose your language via the icon in the upper right-hand corner) with your University of Stuttgart email address. Please note: An authentication with a freemail address is not possible.

3. License key
Open Citavi and enter your login data for the Citavi account in the login field. Your license key will be recognized automatically.

The University of Stuttgart provides the full version of Citavi to all students, lecturers, and employees by way of a campus license.

For Citavi, you receive personalized licenses assigned to the name of a specific person. You can find your license key in your Citavi account.

By using Citavi, you agree to Citavi’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

If you have been working with an older Citavi version up to now, you can find the most important new features here:

What is new in Citavi 6

FAQs about the switch to Citavi 6

  • searching in subject databases, library and book trade catalogs, and importing of title data
  • structuring your own work, creating outlines
  • transferring citations from text or internet documents
  • inserting footnotes, citations and references into word processing programs
  • using stored citation styles
  • creating reference lists and bibliographies
  • adding, analyzing and excerpt PDFs
  • planning tasks
  • working in teams

In this basic course, you will receive an introduction to the structure and features of the reference management program Citavi. You will learn how to collect and organize literature references and citations and how to easily incorporate them into your text. The bibliography is created as if on its own.
The training includes an introduction to the setup of Citavi and the features mentioned above.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes.

Note: Please create a personal Citavi account before the course date. You can find the registration form for the University here (choose your language via the icon in the upper right-hand corner). 

The course is offered both in presence at the city centre location and as a web seminar.

Please note that this training can only be offered in German.

Dates and Registraion / City Center location

Dates and Registration / Vaihingen location

Dates and Registration / Web seminar

Citavi support page inclusive videos,training, forum and user manual

ILIAS study module of the University of Stuttgart. (Please note that this module can only be offered in German)

ILIAS study module of the University of Gießen. (Please note that this module can only be offered in German)

If you have questions or problems, please turn to: Citavi Team of the University Library 

According to the provider, the login issue has been resolved. If you still have problems logging in, please try the steps described in the support overview and the following workarounds:

Create a new account:

  1. Go to and click on "Set up now" - DO NOT click on the "Continue with University" button.
  2. Enter email (if affiliated with university: use university email!).
  3. Confirm account and set password.
  4. If your university does NOT use Shibboleth, confirming your university email will activate your Citavi license.

Special case Shibboleth for universities using this method:

  1. Log in to the account, again go to to do this - DO NOT click the "Continue with University" button.
  2. If the Citavi Web launcher window opens, click on the button with the three horizontal dots in the upper right and select "Citavi Account".
  3. In the next window, click on "More Accounts" in the right column and select the button "My University".
  4. Enter the name of your university and then log in with your university ID via Shibboleth. This will add the Shibboleth access to the account and activate the Citavi license.

Log in to a newly created or existing account via the web:

  1. Go to and enter the email address used to create it - DO NOT click the "Continue with University" button.
  2. Enter password

Log in to an existing account via the web, but the password is not known:

  1. Go to and enter the email address used to create it - DO NOT click the "Continue with University" button.
  2. On the next screen, click on "Forgot Password" and a verification code will be sent to the email address.
  3. Once this code is entered, you can enter a new password.

Log in to Citavi 6 in the startup window: (the tips at the very end).

Please let us know if you continue to have problems logging in so we can pass the problem on to Citavi. Feel free to contact to do so.





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