EBSCOhost E-Book Collection

EBSCOhost E-Book Collection


E-books of various publishers from various subject areas.


1,000 e-books of various publishers in English are available on the subject areas of business and economics, science and engineering, social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and area studies, published from 1995 to 2006. In addition, 3,400 free e-books on all subject areas can be accessed.


Germany-wide access to the EBSCOhost eBook Collection is made possible by funding from the German Research Foundation and organized by the Bavarian State Library Munich.


You can access the titles in the holdings via our catalog. They are activated in the campus network and can be accessed off campus by members of the University of Stuttgart via Shibboleth login (DE).

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Licensing terms:

In principle, it is prohibited to systematically download or print entire e-books or large parts thereof. You may save or print individual pages or chapters for both your personal use and research purposes. E-books must not be passed on to third parties in either electronic or printed form.

Licensing terms for the EBSCOhost eBook Collection offer.

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