New brochure "Bit Archaeology"

October 26, 2022 / Katja Stefanie Engstler

In the brochure celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Computer Museum, selected collection items are presented in detailed photographs by Frank Wiatrowski

One, two, three! At a whizzing pace,
time runs; we run along
... and already the computer museum is 25 years old!
(after Wilhelm Busch)

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, photographer Frank Wiatrowski has put nine collection items "in the light" and taken amazing detailed pictures. Klemens Krause has compiled background information on the collection items for you, the idea and design are by Katja Stefanie Engstler.

A version with texts in English will be availiable soon. 

We hope you enjoy these impressions from the Computer Museum.

The team of the Computer Museum would like to thank Prof. Dr. Dirk Pflüger for his support.

Brochure "Bit Archaeology" [DE]

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