New location of the TIK user support at the UB location in the city center

March 29, 2022 / kr

Due to the ongoing construction works in the city center, the user support service of the TIK has to be relocated.

In preparation for the next step of construction at the Stadtmitte location, the TIK user support has moved to a new location. It is now located on the ground floor directly below the main staircase. The reason for the move is preparatory exploratory work in the masonry of the hall on the 1st floor. The actual work on the roof drainage will then take place from the beginning of May. Until then, pipe runs will be checked and the components to be removed will be examined for pollutants.

Until the completion of this penultimate construction phase, the user support will be located under the main staircase in the foyer (ground floor) probably until the end of July.

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