WiFi for Guests of the University

April 26, 2022 / kr

Free WiFi in Vaihingen and City Center

An open WiFi is now available for invited guests of the University on both the Campus Vaihingen and City Center. This service went into operation in time for the start of the lecture period. The rectorate issued the order for the installation on 08 March 2022. After the legislator had already created the legal basis for the low-risk operation of an open WiFi in 2016, the launch was preceded by extensive discussions on the university and budgetary situation.

Guests simply have to select the "uni-stuttgart-open" network from the list of available WiFi. After connecting for the first time, users are automatically redirected to a login portal where they must confirm the ICT terms and conditions. This confirmation activates Internet access for the next eight hours; after that, this must be repeated.

With this consent, the user confirms that he or she is actually an invited guest of the University of Stuttgart - for example, participating in a workshop or conference or providing services. Persons who only want to stay on campus for the purpose of using the public WiFi are not allowed to use this WiFi at all. Students and employees with eduroam user accounts should preferentially use that. The coverage of the open network corresponds to that of the eduroam network.

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