Workshop on scientific university collections in Baden-Württemberg

September 4, 2023

Meeting of the Working Group University Collections Baden-Württemberg on 14.07.2023 at the Museum of the University of Tübingen
[Picture: MUT Universität Tübingen]

Prof. Dr. Ernst Seidl had invited to the serious presence meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hochschulsammlungen Baden-Württemberg in the museum of the University of Tübingen. On the agenda was the presentation of the university collections by the present collection managers, presentations on the Clock Museum Furtwangen by Mrs. Nicole Deisenberger and on the collection network of the University of Stuttgart by PD Dr. Beate Ceranski. Topics of the subsequent discussion included the visibility, inventory and inventory maintenance of the individual collections. A guided tour of the castle laboratory, the observatory and the Museum Alte Kulturen rounded off the workshop.

The collection network was represented by Klemens Krause (Computer Museum), Katharina Wilke (Collection Network of the University of Stuttgart), Katja Stefanie Engstler (Collection of Mathematical Models) and PD Dr. Beate Ceranskie (Geschichte der Naturwissenschaft und Technik).

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