Digital Services

Library-specific IT infrastructure, server operation, IT support

Head of department

Digital services


The Digital Services (DD) department ensures the continuous provision of the UB's IT infrastructure and IT-based services.

Target group
  • Users of the University Library
  • Employees of the University Library
Fields of activity
  • The DD department coordinates the use of IT hardware within the library buildings and in mobile work. This includes the provision of IT equipment for library staff, as well as for library users.
  • The DD Department ensures that Internet access is available at all locations in the buildings as needed.
  • The DD department coordinates the provision of the library management system and the integration of the system into the university infrastructure.
  • The DD Department coordinates the provision of  server-based library services with various external vendors and service providers, as well as IZUS/TIK, and administers its own offerings.
  • The DD department provides 1st- and 2nd-level support for library staff and supports library patrons in using the services and media offered by the library.
  • The DD Department provides technical assistance for lectures and events at the library.
  • The DD Department supports the Universitätsbauamt and the University's Department of Technology & Buildings in the necessary renovation of the building infrastructure at both UB locations.

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Digital services

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