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With 162 pieces, our numismatic collection is quite manageable, but it is used intensively in academic teaching: One part of the collection (56 pieces), mainly from the Roman Imperial period and late antiquity, is used in the ancient history proseminars and tutorials and serves to convey the basics of numismatics. The other part of the Stuttgart collection of ancient coins, on the other hand, which comprises 106 pieces, was acquired between 1994 and 1996 as a research collection. These are coins from the Pontus region all of which date from the reign of Mithridates VI Eupator. Under the deliberately created appearance that these were independent coinages by various cities there, this late Hellenistic king actually had his own messages and iconographic programs implemented on their coins (so-called pseudo-autonomous coinages).

Based on their study, the foundation was laid in the following years for the compilation of a systematic catalog of some 7,500 pieces of the same and similar type in the collection of the museum in Samsun, which was published in 2008. Since then, work with the Stuttgart numismatic collection has been focusing on digitization and presentation, as well as networking within the numismatic research community. Further information and results of this work can be found at the following links:

The Digital Coin Cabinet of the University of Stuttgart

Numismatischer Verbund in Baden-Württemberg (Numisamtic Network in Baden-Württemberg) (DE)

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz (Chair holder)
Dr. Jonas Scherr (Research fellow)

On the obverse of the coin the apotropaic head of Medusa on the shield of Perseus, the so-called Aegis.

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