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Machine elements you can touch

In the model library of the Institute of Construction Technology and Technical Design (IKTD) and the Institute of Machine Elements (IMA), a large number of machine elements and assemblies are available to students for visualization and testing. These include demonstrators, didactic kits and prepared models from industry. The collection currently comprises more than 400 models and is constantly being expanded.

The structure of the model library and the individual subject areas are based on the general subject matter of the basic lectures on design and the fundamentals of machine design, but are also intended to enable students to look beyond their own horizons. On the one hand, this will support students in the early phase of their studies, and on the other hand, other people interested in technology will also be inspired. In addition to illustrative objects from industry, technical demonstrators are also available to provide a practical illustration of the content of the lectures. Cutaway models, for example, promote spatial awareness in particular. Other models, such as a specially made spring demonstrator, provide haptic feedback. Using didactic construction kits, students learn what to look out for in a construction to ensure a functionally correct assembly. In this way, the teaching content can be experienced and deepened interactively in the model library.

Contact person:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kreimeyer; Patrick Hommel, M.Sc. (IKTD)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Nicola (IMA)

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Institute for Engineering Design and Industrial Design (IKTD)
Institute of Machine Components

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