The Stuttgart Media Archives

Collections of the University of Stuttgart

of the Departments for Modern German Literature of the Institute of Literary Studies

The Stuttgart Media Archives are a collection of film and audio carriers and of various playback devices for film, image, and sound. It was established around 1970 by the Departments for Modern German Literature for teaching and research purposes and continued until the 1990s. The card catalog that indexes the media has also been preserved.

The holdings include approximately 700 VHS tapes with recordings of films, theater productions, and literature-related television programs, in addition to quarter-inch tapes of songs, language exercises, and recordings of academic events as well as records. Five reel to reel tape recorders, several VHS recorders with CRT monitors, an episcope, a film projector, and - as a very rare item - a wire sound recorder from the early 1950s make up the group of media playback devices.

The collection of the Stuttgart Media Archives documents aspects of literature, reception and media history in an exemplary way, but also dimensions of the history of subjects, science, and technology, and the history of our university. In addition, it provides insights into university teaching and research practices of the late 20th century.

Contact person:
PD Dr. Toni Bernhart

Reel to reel tape recorder Manufacturer: Uher Factory Munich Type: Variocord 63 S The meanwhile about 50 years old device is fully functional, the original instruction manual is also still available.
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