Registration / De-Registration

Both university members and all external users with a residence in Germany are able to borrow items and use the electronic resources offered by the University Library after registering as library users.

Registration is possible at both library branches during the service hours of the circulation desks:

  • Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Both registration and borrowing are free of charge.



Students of the University of Stuttgart

Along with your matriculation papers you receive your student ID card ECUS. Through ECUS you are registered and able to use almost all services of the University Library.

To log in to those services (e.g. ordering or reserving books, extending the loan period) you use your student user ID (st…).

Your student email address (generally in the form “st…”) is automatically entered in your library account.

You can find more about using the electronic student ID card on the ECUS info pages.

Employees of the University of Stuttgart

Employees of the University use the SIAM user ID (ac…) at the SIAM user self-service to log in to all services of the University Library acknowledging the University Library's Terms of Use (tick off the box). They receive the library card in person at one of the circulation desks on producing

  • a German ID card or
  • a passport

Address: Your institute address as known by the University is entered in your library account, e.g. for deliveries by internal mail.

Email address: Your official email address at the University of Stuttgart is entered in your library account (generally in the form “first name.last name@[institute]

External users

Persons with a registered residence in Germany receive the library card in person at one of the circulation desks on producing

  • a valid German ID card or
  • a valid eAT chip card (electronic residence permit card) or
  • a valid passport in connection with an official certificate of residence
  • and the registration form

Minors additionally need the written consent of their legal representative.

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Cancelling your account / De-registration

Students of the University of Stuttgart

You can find all information regarding de-registration and the corresponding application form (PDF) on the info page “Unenrollment” of the Admissions Office.

Even if you are no longer a student of the University of Stuttgart after de-registration, you can stay a user of the University Library. In this case the registration conditions for external users apply.

Employees of Stuttgart University and external users

Should you wish to close your library account, you can do so anytime by contacting one of the circulation desks during service hours or per email.

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Reporting changes

Students of the University of Stuttgart  with an electronic student ID card (ECUS) are required to report all name, address or user group changes immediately via the campus management portal C@mpus.

External users please report changes immediately to the University Library.

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Loss of the library card / ECUS

Students of the University of Stuttgart

In case of your student ID card being lost, please report it to one of the circulation desks immediately and your library account will be blocked. You receive a new student ID card at the Admissions Office. Produce this card at the circulation desk in order to have your library account unblocked.

Employees of the University of Stuttgart and external users

In case of your library card being lost, please notify one of the circulation desks immediately. Your library account will be blocked to avoid misuse until you apply for a replacement card on producing an official photo ID.

You receive a substitute card for your library account directly at the circulation desks during service hours on production of a valid photo ID card, the replacement charge is EUR 2.50 (Library fee regulation).




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Notice of liability

The library card / ECUS is not transferable. Every registered user is liable to the library for damages resulting from third-party misuse of the library card / ECUS.

Hence our advice:

  • Store your library card / ECUS carefully.
  • Keep your user ID and password confidential.


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Person-related institute cards

Person-related institute cards are transferable, that means that, in addition to the person named in the card and responsible, other people (e.g. Hiwis) may use the card. Lecturers or employees of the University can receive an institute card.

The person-related institute card is not managed through the University SIAM user account (ac-account) of the lecturer or employee, instead access to this library account happens via a separate ub-account that is activated for library services exclusively. This ub-account has the same rights and responsibilities as those connected to a personal ac-account.

You can apply for a person-related institute card at both circulation desks (City and Vaihingen branch) on workdays (except Saturday) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The required registration form with the regulations involved is found here.

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