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The Stuttgart University Library provides the Academic Publication Management (PUMA). PUMA is an open source web application based on BibSonomy and offers different possibilities such as: 

  • user-login/authentication with your ac-, fn or st-account
  • manage literature online
  • automatic transfer of bibliographic information (metadata) from different catalogues 
  • dynamic output of bibliographies (e.g. your own publication list or the institute's publication list) via plugin on your own website (OpenCms, WordPress, Typo3) or on different systems choosing from a variety of citation styles
  • share your bibliographies publicly or in groups 
  • file-upload (pdf, dpc, ppt, jpg, etc…)
  • send your publication metadata to the university bibliography
  • transfer of your own publications to the document server OPUS
  • import and export of data in different standardized data formats (BibTeX, Endnote, CSL…) 

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During the winter semester 2017/18 we are offering six trainings to introduce you to PUMA. Further trainings for institutes or other special requests on demand. 

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Hereafter you can find an example for a dynamically imported bibliography from PUMA.

There was used the PUMA plugin for OpenCms on this free text page “Freitextseite” with the following settings: 

  • User account “droessler”
  • All publications with the tag “politik”
  • Displaying in the citation style IEEE, sorted by year (descending) and author 

You can find a clearly layed out and detailed documentation of the plugin at the type catalogue of the TIK. 

Bibliography on the topic politics

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