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Universität Stuttgart BuchFor the 175th anniversary of the Universität Stuttgart:
Universität Stuttgart. Innovation is our tradition.
Edited by Norbert Becker, Ulrich Engler, Ursula Zitzler, by order of the rectorate and Vereinigung von Freunden der Universität Stuttgart.
Stuttgart - Jan Thorbecke 2004.
ISBN 3-7995-0149-5 (english version)
ISBN 3-7995-0139-8 (german version)

IFounded as a trade school in the 19th century, the Universität Stuttgart has developed into a fascinating cosmos of science during the last 175 years. This richly illustrated book shows the complex interplay of research, teaching and studying in all its facets. Thus a vivid portrait of the modern and dynamic university has been created.



  • from technical school to university
  • studying in Stuttgart
  • buildings for teaching and research
  • faculties and their focuses in science and research
  • institutions of science
  • people at the university


Die Universität Stuttgart nach 1949 BuchUniversität Stuttgart nach 1945. Geschichte, Entwicklungen, Persönlichkeiten.
Hrsg. im Auftrag des Rektorats von Norbert Becker und Franz Quarthal.
Stuttgart - Jan Thorbecke 2004.
ISBN 3-7995-0145-2

n its 175th year, the Universität Stuttgart looks back on the last decades. As earlier anniversaries have prompted the remembrance of the developments in the 19th and 20th century, and the occurrences during the nazi dictatorship, this book focuses on the period after the Second World War. A picture is drawn of a vibrant institution mastering the difficult years directly following the war as well as the boom in the field of education and science during the sixties, and the challenges of the present. Among other topics, the different parts of the book deal with the reconstruction, the denazification, and the change from technical school to university. Apart from that, the process of establishing a modern constitution for the university, and the recent developments concerning equalization are depicted. The buildings of the university are described as representing different periods in the history of architecture from the middle of the last century up to now.

More than fifty biographies of scientists who worked in Stuttgart provide an insight into the history of the various sciences. Among these are the biographies of the political scientist and historian Golo Mann, the specialists in German studies Käte Hamburger and Fritz Martini, and of the pioneer of astronautics Eugen Sänger, the inventor of nylon Paul Schlack, and the civil engineer Fritz Leonhardt, who built many bridges and television towers in the whole world. Thus the book presents the work of many personalities connected with the Universität Stuttgart, and shows the impact of social, political, and science related preconditions under which the university has evolved during the last six decades.


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The archive of the Universität Stuttgart's series



Bd.1: Wilhelm Zimmermann (1807 - 1878).
Ein Stuttgarter Historiker.
Von Norbert Conrads
Stuttgart, Universitätsarchiv 1998.
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Bd.2: Stuttgarter Mathematiker.
Geschichte der Mathematik an der Universität Stuttgart
von 1829 bis 1945 in Biographien.
Von Karl-Heinz Böttcher und Bertram Maurer
Stuttgart, Universitätsarchiv 2008.
ISSN 1436-2880
ISBN 978-3-926269-34-8