In order to borrow books or to use electronic media licensed by the Library you need a Library card.
For students matriculated at Stuttgart University their student ID (ECUS) serves as library card. All other persons can register at the loans desks. The library card will be issued free of charge.

The account number is printed on the library card or on the student ID respectively (for the time being the leading 00 have to be omitted as well as the trailing 093; we apologise for the confusion). The initial password is the bearer's birthday in 10 characters (DD.MM.YYYY – mind the dots). This password has to be changed after the first login to meet our <complexity requirements>



Use the catalogue to find the desired item in the Library's holdings. At the bottom of the entry you will find informations about the location, the circulation type and the status of the item. Depending on the location the item can be

  • requested from the closed stacks or from the other library branch,
  • reserved, if presently on loan,
  • taken from the open shelves and checked out at the self service terminals.

After arrival, requested items are kept for collection for 7 days.

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Items Available for Borrowing

Most of the Library's items are available for borrowing. They are kept at the following locations:

  • Open Shelves

Here you will find textbooks and recent literature in great demand, often multiple copies. You can take the books yourself and check them out at the self service terminals or request them for collection at the other Library branch.
Items on the open shelves are arranged by subject. The subjects are distributed among the library branches according to the location of the faculties within Stuttgart University:

Stadtmitte: Literature on Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics and Architecture.
Vaihingen: Literature on Science, Technology and Sports.

  • Open stacks (Stadtmitte branch only)

Here you will find literature published from 1990 on with the subjects Geography, History, Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Linguistics. The items are not ordered by subject, so it is necessary to look them up in the catalogue. You can take them and check them out at the self service terminals or request them for collection at the other Library branch.

  • Closed stacks

Items from the closed stacks must be looked up in the catalogue and can be requested directly from the catalogue entry. If they are located at the same branch, they will be available for collection from the self service collection shelves after approx. 20 minutes; items from the other branch will arrive around 1 p.m. the next day (exception: items requested on Fridays will arrive not before the next Monday).


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Items Not Available for Regular Borrowing

  • Items from the reference collections in the reading room

The reference collections comprise, among others, of handbooks, dictionaries, newest editions of some textbooks (mostly available for short-term loan), current issues and recent volumes of journals, loose-leaf publications, reserve collections items and very large and/or heavy books (not available for loan at all).

Items in the reference collections are arranged by subject, journals are ordered in alphabetical order within the subject classification.

  • Items from the rara collection in the closed stacks

Valuable and rare books, old books (more than 100 years old) and items from the collection of maps and plans can be requested for use in the reading room only and collected at the loans desks (not from the self service collection shelves). These items are not even available for short-term loan.

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Loan periods

The loan period for items on standard loan (from the open shelves and open/closed stacks) is 1 month.

You can find an overview over your borrowed items and the due dates online in your library account. Provided that an item is not put on hold by another user, the loan period can be renewed online up to three times online.

If you fail to return or renew your borrowed items by the due date, overdue fines are charged.

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Self-service Collection Shelves

Items requested from the closed stacks or from the other branch and reserved items on hold for you are located on the self-service collection shelves near the entrance to the respective reading rooms. They are ordered by "pickup codes" ("Abholcode" - log in to your library account to find your personal pickup code) and kept for 7 days. Pick up your items and check them out at the self service terminals.

This does not apply to items requested via inter-library loan, non-book materials, items for use in the reading room only and requested photocopies. These can be collected at the loans desks.

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