Institute's publication lists with PUMA

With the academic publication management (PUMA) it is possible to administrate institute’s publication lists and reuse the bibliographic data in other systems. A typical application/use case would be: 

  • Administration of the publication data by research/student assistants or employees at the institute 
  • Release publication lists of an institute on the institute’s website, sorted by date in descending order including links to open-access publications 
  • Using a standardized citation style or a specific style demanded from your institute
  • Release publication lists of the institute’s employees on their websites

Implementation with PUMA:

  • Login at → create a group 
  • Student and research assistants compile the bibliography with their PUMA-accounts and tag the publication entries with “for:gruppe” (instead of “gruppe” you insert the right group name) 
  • In OpenCms you choose the type “Publikationsliste aus BibSonomy/PUMA” out of the type catalogue and place it on a “Freitextseite”
  • Query example of an institute’s publication list (screenshots from the PUMA plugin for OpenCms):




  • Query example of an employee’s publication list (screenshots from the PUMA plugin for OpenCms: